If You're Not Happy

Parents or Carer's Concerns

If for any reason you are not happy with the service we are providing, if you have a challenge with a staff member or your child is having difficulties with another child in care please come and speak with us. Communication will often help resolve difficult situations; it is part of our role to help resolve any grievances you may have.

As soon as something upsets you please let us know either informally by having a chat with one of our team members or formally in a meeting with a team member or in writing. At Hillsborough OOSH we consider it important to address anything which you as a parent feel is unfair, or which makes you unhappy with our service.

All confidential conversations with parents take place in a quiet area away from children, other parents and staff. If you have a suggestion to make about our service or are unsatisfied with the service we are providing, you we can arrange for you to speak directly with the centre supervisor at a time convenient to both of you to discuss your concerns and come to a resolution.

If after this discussion you are not satisfied with the results we ask you to discuss the issue with Hillsborough OOSH management, either in writing or verbally. Together the centre's manager and supervisor will develop a strategy for resolving the situation you have experienced to your satisfaction. We are happy to discuss the strategy we have worked out with you or if you would prefer, arrange a meeting between you, the supervisor and management to discuss and resolve the problem.

Once a strategy to resolve the issue has been agreed on your complaint will to be recorded and dated indicating the issue of concern and how it was resolved. You will be informed in writing of the strategy we have agreed on by either the supervisor or a member of management. Hillsborough OOSH Staff will also be informed of any relevant issues that they need to address or be aware of. This could be done verbally or if need be on a more formal basis.

If you feel your complaint cannot be resolved internally external options, such as the use of an unbiased 3rd party will be offered to you.


Children's Concerns

Sometimes children have challenges with other children in care or have disagreements with an OOSH staff member. We try to avoid any embarrassment or humiliation to the child by having a confidential conversation with child involved in a quiet area away from other children, parents and staff. 

If the child or children’s complaint relates to a staff member, the OOSH staff member helping the child through the difficulty will endeavour to find the facts of the issue. The staff member (if it is not the co coordinator) will then discuss this with the cocoordinator who in turn will talk to the child/ren in private, and then discuss the circumstances in private with the staff member involved. If there is no agreed resolution an unbiased 3rd party will be consulted for guidance on a mutual solution.