Your OOSH Fees and Childcare Benefits

Your Investment for OOSH Care

An enrolment fee of $30 per family is to be paid before your child or children commence at Hillsborough OOSH.

Our fees as at July 2016 are as follows:



Before School Care

Permanent Booking $18.00

Casual Booking $19.50

For up to a 2 ½ hour session


After School Care

Permanent Booking $22.50

Casual Booking $23.50

For up to a 3 hour session


Vacation Care

Long Day Session $49.50

Short Day Session $30.50

For up to a 11 ½ hour session



Transport to School or Hillsborough OOSH organised events.

For families whose child or children need us to transport them to school an additional fee of 50 cents per trip per family is applicable. Additional children within the same family are FREE! This is not applicable when children are absent from care.


Payment of Fees

To ensure your place your fees are required to be paid 2 weeks prior to your child commencing care.

To make paying your childcare fees easy Hillsborough OOSH has Internet, EFTPOS and Direct Deposit payment methods in place. If you would like to make your payment by these means please see staff or use the details at the bottom of your invoice. Payment can also be paid in an envelope to the designated staff member. Envelopes are available at the centre and on payment you will be given a receipt acknowledging your payment. Invoices are for information purposes only and will be placed in your child’s folder for you to collect. If your child has a permanent booking we can send your invoice by email

Outstanding Fees 

You will appreciate that the number of childcare places at Hillsborough OOSH are restricted and there is a waiting list. Therefore if your fees are still outstanding by Friday 9.30am in the week your child attends Hillsborough OOSH care you will be given 1 reminder notice. If your fees are not immediately paid in full your child may be excluded from care and their place given to another family on the waiting list. If your account remains unpaid your account and personal details will be passed on to a debt collection agency. You will also be responsible for all collection and legal costs involved. 


Additional Fees for the Late Collection of Your Child

Your child must be collected from Hillsborough OOSH by 6:00pm. To ensure your child has adequate supervision we will have to pay staff overtime to care for your child. Our staff have their own families to care for so late pick-ups are inconvenient for them. Therefore the collection of your child after 6:00pm will incur an extra fee of $10.00 per 5 minutes late. 

It is extremely important to contact the centre if for any reason you cannot collect your child on time. Once you are 10 minutes late to collect your children you will be contacted to find out your expected arrival time. Failing that emergency contacts will be phoned and asked to collect your child. If either you or your emergency contact people cannot be reached and your child is not collected by 6:30pm it becomes a mandatory reporting issue and the Department of Community Services will be contacted.


Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the Child Care Management System (CCMS)

Hillsborough OOSH is approved to offer CCB through the CCMS system. For you, as a Parent or Carer, this means you no longer need to link your Child to our service through Centrelink. If you have not received CCB before you will need to check your eligibility. If you are eligible and new to CCB there will be some application forms that you will need to complete with Centrelink prior to starting at Hillsborough OOSH. We appreciate that some government process can be a little bit complicated and we are happy to help you through the processes.

If you know you are eligible to receive CCB you will need to show our centre:

  • the enrolling Parent’s CRN (customer reference number) and date of birth
  • the enrolling child’s CRN (customer reference number) and date of birth
  • proof of immunisation history statement

This information must be given to us prior to your child enrolling with Hillsborough OOSH. This process will automatically link your family to Centrelink. (Please note, once your child commences school you are only entitled to 85% of this Centrelink percentage) Your weekly account is calculated according to a formula using these percentages. The 50% tax rebate is also available for out of pocket expenses, calculated after your CCB has been deducted. This is paid to parents/carers quarterly. For further information please speak to us or your accountant.

Additional information about Child Care Assistance, Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the Childcare Management System (CCMS) can be found at the governments website